Paris in 100 Benches (incomplete)

Because life has a way of so easily undoing all your carefully laid plans and undermining even something as inconsequential as a project to photograph benches around a city of love, this is something that will always remain unfinished. One of many things that will remain unfinished. Like all of this, it was something good while it lasted.

Bench 1/100
Bench 1/100 Champagne so cheap it had a plastic cork after a long day of art-gazing at the Louvre.
Bench 2/200
Bench 2/100 McDonald’s Happy Meals after a ballet at the Palais Garnier, right before the rain came down.
Bench 3/100
Bench 3/100: A solo visit to the Petit Palais and strange angles created by self-timed pictures
Bench 4/100 Not so much a bench, as somewhere to perch for a solo picnic along the Seine
Bench 5/100
Bench 5/100 Friday rituals at Shakespeare and Company
Bench 6/100
Bench 6/100 Museums on museums on museums
Bench 7/100
Bench 7/100 Paris Metro, an urban jungle
Bench 8/100
Bench 8/100 (Benches Goes Abroad) Freezing and fake smiling for strangers alongside the Vltava river in Prague
Bench 9/100
Bench 9/100 (Benches Goes Abroad) an Air Bnb in Krakow that felt so much like home that we never wanted to leave
Bench 10/100
Bench 10/100 Outside the place we went to most days for lunch on the almost-last day of holiday

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