an adage

things to rely on, even when home goes missing:

whiskey throat burn, bicycle wheels’ turn

the way oranges smell

or a 7 year old boy fishing for coins in a wishing well

the terrain of your own hand- your dream of one day starting a band

that one time you…

and the all the times you chose not to

that your spine is always straight and not to read books you know you’ll hate

tomatoes go with everything

and some days your phone won’t ring


but, wide tooth combs and honey in oats;

rolling your rrrrs somewhere scarily new

and waking up on a boat

wearing new shoes that crunch as you go & watching a movie about never saying no

remember everything, hold on to it all –

(hardly ever go to the mall)

pretend you’re famous and everyone’s watching you dance

fall, run, trip, skip,

leave everything up to chance


and home, like falling in love

or forcing a rhyme

is never as good the second time.

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